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SEMDART is a great SEO tool that helps website owners stays afloat on the latest search engine ranking system. It provides users with lots of powerful features that enable them to extract a handful of information about their websites.

SEMDART provides several metrics for users to understand how their website is performing on search engines. When you need to crawl the entire aspects of your website and access in-depth analysis about its performance, you can never be disappointed with the tool.

It’s a fantastic SEO tool that worth your analysis time. Through it, you can explore those elements on your web pages and subsequently identify the status code for each link up on your webpage. It plainly informs you about the actions required to make your website friendly for search engines.


By glancing at its dashboard, you can comfortably get reliable and valuable data for your SEO ranking purpose. This exceptional tool presents data in a simpler way. It’s a handy website performance analyzer that can help your website scale through the website ranking process.

It’s an intuitive, sleek and useful on-site SEO tool for engaging in excellent research and hitting the SEO highway.

Gain insight into
your website

Gain insight into website

Higher Keyword density is no longer an essential on-page SEO tactic. That’s simply because big search engines operators like Yahoo,... Bing, and Google no longer favor websites with high keyword density. With SEMdart ,you can quickly determine your site keyword density level.


keywords positioning

SEO is not all about keyword research. There is more to the optimization process. It requires the proper incorporation... of keywords. The website position matters a lot. Primary keywords are expected to show up in some strategic places.


page layout

Website page layout is an essential part of a site SEO. It determines the amount of time web visitors will be spending on your site.... This average time counts when it comes to SEO. So, having an easy to read page layout can increase your site ranking chances.


tags inspection

Website tags come in three different forms – title, alt, and meta tags. They are a crucial component of any SEO enabled website.... They inform the search engine spiders about a site important keywords and descriptions perhaps pictures are unavailable. Checking for these tags is something that can place your website ahead those of your competitors.


Content Inspection

content inspection

SE respect quality contents. Ability to publish quality contents on your website determines how fast... your site can get to top search engine result page. Most quality contents have certain features in common. They include 100% originality, good flow, citations, ease of understanding, organization, among others. Our on-site audit tools search for those qualities on your website.

Multimedia items Analysis

multimedia items analysis

Our robot crawls your website to identify the numbers of the well captioned and tagged multimedia items – pictures..., video. It works wonders in analyzing the overall aesthetics of your webpages and suggesting areas that require improvement.


seo beginners and masters

Since the dawn of the internet , search engine optimizers have been working hard to optimize website SEO potentials. Because search engine is an organic ecosystem ,they keep tab on search engine users intents and rank their clients website for popularly searched keywords. Despite their familiarity with search engines nuts and bolts ,they still find it difficult to keep up with dramatic changes happening within the search engine ecosystem. If you’re encountering similar experiences ,then it’s time to start analyzing your clients website performances with SEMDART. This on-site SEO audit tool is among best webpages analyzer you can use at this moment.


website owners

Ranking number one in organic search requires lots of creative efforts. It takes much creative thinking to own a website that scales effectively on search engines. Have you ever wondered why some websites doesn’t rank despite their beautiful designs? The cause usually revolves around on-site SEO issues. Search engines are constantly getting updates from their operators. Through such updates , sites with broken links ,poor loading speeding ,cross-platform compatibility issues and lots more are marked down. Perhaps you’re a website owner,it’s paramount you use SEMDART to check for this issue. The on-site SEO audit can save you from several search engine penalties.



No doubt, web masters are great for creating and optimizing several website functions. They enjoy being engaged in series of website development and traffic generation activities. Only those who deploys automated tools for their projects get quicker results. Manual checking on website on-page SEO issues is good ,but use of automated tools is great. SEMDART has been programmed for your sake. Fixing on-site SEO issues don’t have to be a laborious task.It’s something that ought to be completed in minutes. Optimize your workflow with SEMDART.


content curators

Contents opens several doors for website on search engines. On the flip side, it can wreak on website credibility. Search engine giant like Google seriously frowns at duplicated contents. Only websites with unique contents and meta details are awarded searching engine ranking prize. If you’re a website content curator aiming for higher ranking on available search engines, it’s important you evaluate your content title tags ,URL slugs ,H1 ,citations etc using SEMDART. By evaluating them with SEMDART ,you get fresh insight into how on-site SEO issues can be avoided.


brands and corporations

Industry giants are also experiencing the havoc of poor on-site strategies implementation. Though they often design their websites for customers, readers and subscribes ,it’s sad to know that these giants still find it difficult to have good ranking on search engine result pages. Several SEO consultants has blamed poor on-site SEO strategies for the brands and corporations circumstances. You don’t have to tell bad SEO stories before your brand or organization get search engine ranking price. With just SEMDART ,you can easily speed up your brand or corporations on-page SEO performances.