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Ever wondered why your website fails to attract that much anticipated leads and organic traffic?

The answer is not far from your imaginations.

Please make a guess. What do you think is responsible for such ugly experience?

Low budget! Higher Competitions! Scarce traffic!

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Truthfully ,the answer is neither low budget nor scarce traffic. Though either of the two factors impact quality of leads and traffic generation , they are not as significant as higher competitions.

Most search engines robots crawls and index millions of webpages daily. Take for instance ,the most populous search engine system – Google , processes more than 40,000 search queries every second on average .These development implies over 3.5 billion searches daily.

That number is huge, right?. If further breakdown was done, the bot is likely to be processing over a million webpages for indexing. Chances are that your web pages may not hit the front search engine results pages considering the competition in your niche. Do you believe such notion?

That assertion can be untrue. Since the launch of your personal or client website (s) , several efforts has been made in helping both people and search engine bots understand what each of your website page is all about. So why won’t your website outpace competitors with such massive efforts?

Whether you run a SEO agency ,big corporation ,start up or an online business , know that search engine systems have grown exponentially sophisticated. Contending with their search features requires some extra efforts. It entails thinking within and outside the box.

More importantly ,to avoid missing out on a ton of organic traffic from Google , your website syntax and webpage intent must be communicated to search engine properly. That is , web elements like Text to html Ratio , Canonical , Underscore in the URL(s) , Google Analytics , Doc type , Refresh Tag , Iframe , Robots Text , Sitemap xml , Country TLD, structure Data Markup , Favicon , Errorpage404 , W3C etc. must be properly cared for.

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Though meta items – title ,keywords ,descriptions are no longer top factors that determines websites visibility on search engines ,yet ,they still determine number of click through rates your website can enjoy from search engine queries. Meta tags creates first impressions about your site and signals how much the linked page will serve users intents. Web owners must grow to the awareness of such meta tags value.

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Spidering is peculiar to search engine indexing system. It’s a way web crawlers visits web pages and read relevant information to create entries for a search engine index. A website that lack the robots.txt file may miss the opportunities web crawlers has got to offer. The robots.txt file is important for one reason – instructing web spiders on how to crawl pages in a website.

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This is a syntax that informs search engines about the originality of a web page. It ensures the web crawlers identify web pages master copy and index it accordingly. This syntax avoid content duplications and prevent contents appearance of multiple URLs. It’s the best way to tell search engines which version of URL you want to appear on search engine.

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There are diverse set of web users on the internet today. For generation of leads and traffic ,your website must be attractive to both visual impaired users and individuals with excellent visions. Creating an Alt text attribute ensures screen readers understand an on-page image. Alt text is a good tenet of accessible website. You can earn both implicit and explicit SEO benefits from it.

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Http status

HTTP Status Code

Who wouldn’t desire a website that communicate properly with server and browser request? Absolutely everyone will want a site with great HTTP status code response. The status codes are simply the internet equivalent of any conversation happening between your website service and browser. Most impactful status codes for on-site SEO ranges from code 200 ,301 ,404 to 410 and 500. Having broken links can echo error 400 to clients and such incidence can drastically lessen your site link equity. In that regards ,your on-site SEO performance can seriously be retarded.

site map


This is an XML file that lists the URLs for a website. It usually permit webmasters to include extra information about each of the listed URL .It contains info like when a URL was last updated, how often the URL changes, and how important the URL is in relation to other URLs in the site. When your website has this file ,search engine giant like Google trust you more. Not taking advantage of this website element can be a costly mistake. The earlier you create a site map, the better it is for oyur website to get ranked.

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quality contents


Content is king. But when it’s stuffed with SEO keywords ,it can lose its relevancy. In fact, the search engine bot can consider the contents as spams. On-site SEO bot is no longer favoring keyword stuffing on a website content. While a site content is expected to be sufficiently thorough to stand a better chance of ranking , it’s also expected to feature keywords that aligns with user intent. The system assumes you’re a thought leader in your industry. Hence ,much is expected from you regarding creation of quality contents and use of SEO keywords.

internal linkings


Internal linking is quite an essential aspect of your site SEO. Checking the quality of your website backlinks is helpful. It gives vital insights on how you can ultimately improve your site SEO. It can help you to reduce bounce rate on your website.

internal linkings



SEMDART is here to help your brand find its way through to top of search engine result. It’s a good tool to examine the uniqueness of your website content. This tool has robust configuration that check if your website contains duplicate or authorized web content.



Minimizing Error 404 on your website can mean better ranking on search engines. SEMDART crawls your website to audit the number of broken links it possess. It checks for broken links and figures out the likely error your clients are receiving.



Page speed greatly affects users experience. SEMDARTS intensely measures your webpages loading speeds on both desktop and mobile devices. It has a grading system that analyzes the performance of each web page on your site and ultimately grade them for page loading speed.



SEMDART is effective for checking and analyzing what keywords people use to locate your website. It’s good for checking keyword density and traffic associated with each keyword on your website.



SEMDART evaluates your sites META tags ,URL status ,HI tags ,Images alt text and lots more. It’s a tool to quickly check how best your site is performing in areas of web content and HTML.